The pain of varicose
veins is very real

And it’s not just your self-image that suffers. We know, because veins are our only focus. You don’t have to live with tired, achy legs any longer. Our doctors use minimally invasive laser procedures to relieve the discomfort and get you back to doing more of what you enjoy. More on varicose veins...

Say goodbye to
spider veins

Frustrated by your unsightly spider veins? Whether you're simply troubled by the look of them or they're a sign of a bigger underlying problem, The Vein Institute can help. At our practice, you're always treated by a doctor or physician assistant with specific expertise in treating spider veins.

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free vein screening

At these educational screenings, our vein care center staff will examine your legs, answer your questions, and provide information on potential treatment strategies.

Vein screenings are performed at no cost to you. Sign up for our next scheduled session, or call 585.467.VEIN (8346).