Varicose veins can cause a range of symptoms from aching and tiredness, to cramping and restless legs. Many treatment options are available at The Vein Institute to combat these symptoms of venous disease. The newest method, Venaseal, uses a medical grade adhesive or glue to shut down problematic varicose veins. There are notable advantages to Venaseal when compared to radiofrequency and other thermal ablation treatments.

Minimally Invasive

The Venaseal glue does not require the use of any heat to close down a vein. Because there is no heat involved, numbing the surrounding tissue is not needed which significantly decreases the amount of needle sticks for the patient. A small nick in the skin is all that is required to perform the procedure. Venaseal is a great option for those who are needle sensitive or needle phobic.

No Time Off

After a Venaseal procedure, patients can immediately return to normal activity. There are no restrictions on heavy lifting or exercise post treatment. For athletes or patients with demanding professions, Venaseal can be a safe and effective treatment option to get patients back on their feet with no physical activity restrictions. No Compression Stockings Historically after venous treatment such as a thermal ablation or sclerotherapy, compression stockings are worn to encourage proper healing and ensure vein closure. With Venseal, the glue polymerizes immediately inside the vein and does not require the use of compression stockings after treatment. This is a great advantage for active patients, especially during the warm months. Venaseal is FDA approved and a majority of insurance plans are now covering the procedure. If you have symptoms of varicose veins or are interested in learning more about our Venaseal treatment, schedule a free vein screening today or give The Vein Institute a call at 467-VEINS.