Laser vein treatment, also known as endovenous ablation therapy, is a safe and effective medical procedure used to eliminate the bulging appearance and uncomfortable symptoms of varicose veins, all with minimal disturbance to the patient. If you've been suffering from symptoms like achiness, fatigue, or heaviness in your legs, you may want to consider if laser vein treatment is right for you.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Laser vein treatment begins with the insertion of a small tube with a laser probe attached to the end. Ultrasound is used to precisely guide the tube into the correct position. The affected area is numbed with anesthetic, so the patient experiences no discomfort. As the tube is slowly withdrawn, laser energy emitted by the probe causes the vein the contract, closing it off. Blood is redirected to healthy veins, causing the varicose vein to fade. This eliminates both the unsightly bulging appearance and the uncomfortable, sometimes painful symptoms.

What Can I Expect During and After Treatment?

Those who opt for laser vein treatment can expect relief from the symptoms of varicose veins with minimal discomfort and a short recovery time. The procedure is essentially pain-free and doesn't require general anesthesia, making for a convenient and non-invasive experience. The patient can rest comfortably and watch TV or listen to music during the entire procedure. In the two-week healing period following the treatment, intense exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided, but other than that, there are few limitations. In most cases, no downtime is required. Patients can leave the clinic under their own power and resume most of their normal activities immediately after. Side effects may include slight bruising, which usually vanishes within a week or two, and swelling that can last for several days after the treatment. Over-the-counter pain medication and compression stockings can be used to manage these minor symptoms.

Who Can Benefit From Laser Vein Treatment?

Anyone suffering from the symptoms of varicose veins may want to consider how laser vein treatment could benefit them. Ideal candidates are physically healthy and do not smoke. Skin tone and the tendency to form keloids should also be considered. Make sure to consult with your primary healthcare provider to determine whether this procedure is a good match for you. If you've been noticing symptoms of varicose veins, we want to help! It may be time to seek treatment. Sign up for a free vein screening and let us determine if laser vein treatment could help improve the appearance of your veins and provide relief from chronic discomfort.