Spring is coming to Rochester which means sunshine, flowers, and shorts season are coming soon!  Women suffering from varicose and/or spider veins may find themselves dreading the warmer weather because of their varicose veins. Many give-up activities that they once loved like golf, swimming or running.  If you find yourself wanting to cover up your legs despite the coming warmer weather, now is the time to take action.

Spring is the perfect time to seek treatment because you have plenty of time to have summer-ready legs by the time its warm enough to wear shorts.   A common misconception is that having well-tanned legs will disguise varicose veins. The problem is over time sun exposure will make varicose veins more prominent and unsightly.  Excessive sunshine causes leg veins to dilate and enlarge, causing them to fill with more blood. This also means that you should avoid hot tubs, long baths and steam rooms.

The first step to treating varicose veins is to set-up a free vein screening at The Vein Institute.  Our team will discuss your symptoms, diagnose your vein condition and determine the best course of treatments. Free vein screenings are educational opportunities. Why do we do these? One of the most frequent complaints we get is that patients wish that they had been diagnosed and treated earlier, but many people (including other physicians and patients themselves) don't know that veins are the cause of their problems. 

To schedule your free vein screening, please call (585) 467-VEIN (8346) or schedule directly online on our free vein screening calendar. We look forward to seeing you soon. All free vein screenings are held at our main office, 2050 S. Clinton Avenue. Click here for a map and directions.