Leg vein problems are often more than merely a cosmetic issue. The tendency to have varicose veins are often inherited from our parents and grandparents, and then risks factors such as pregnancy, age, obesity, job, prolonged standing/sitting, injury, or prior surgery in the legs can make them worse. Over time, their function can become compromised leading to superficial venous insufficiency, the medical term for varicose veins. The hardest part for most people is figuring out if your legs veins are, in fact, varicose veins. What makes a vein a varicose vein? What is the difference between a varicose vein and a spider vein or broken vein? What symptoms should I be looking for? Are all bulging veins varicose veins? Will they cause blood clots in my legs? How are varicose veins diagnosed? Who treats varicose veins, and how? Is vein stripping still the only treatment option, or has treatment evolved? Are vein treatments covered by insurance or are they considered cosmetic?

At The Vein Institute, we know the biggest obstacle to diagnosis and treatment are these questions. So we’ve developed a simple way to help diagnose if your leg veins are actually varicose veins, and if you may benefit from treatment -- the free vein screening. A free vein screening is a quick 5-10 minute appointment that you can schedule online at your convenience and it will help answer all of those above questions. What does a free vein screening entail?

  • A noninvasive ultrasound of your legs by a dedicated vascular ultrasound technologist

  • A quick discussion with an expert vein doctor or experienced physician assistant

  • Explanation of your ultrasound findings and focused questions regarding key symptoms

  • Evaluation to determine whether you have varicose veins, and what that means for you

  • Determining whether or not you will be a good candidate for one of the minimally invasive vein procedures we perform, which are typically covered by insurance

Whether you are just beginning to notice the appearance of subtle leg veins, wondering why you are “bruising” so much more in your legs, or have been dealing with bulging leg veins, bleeding, or had skin ulcers for years, we’ve got you covered because we’ve seen it all. Early identification and diagnosis are vital to your overall health and well being, and that is why we offer these free vein screenings. If your free vein screening is positive, we will discuss next steps in setting you up for a full consultation to discuss all your options. We have the experience, insight, and expertise to diagnose you and offer you the latest and most innovative treatment options on the market.

To learn more or schedule your free vein screening, click here or visit our website at farewellveins.com or call us today at 585-467-8346.