Ashleigh Rausch

varicose vein specialist Gia Whisker

Gia Whisker

Kelley Swagler

Last month, our PA Ashleigh Rausch, and sonographers Kelley Swagler and Gia Whisker attended a wound care seminar in Syracuse, NY. An advanced sign of vein disease is skin breakdown and ulceration near the ankles. They learned new techniques to care for these types of venous wounds, as well as the proper dressings to apply. The seminar was just one of the ways The Vein Institute staff shows dedication to staying the leader in treating vein disease of all stages. In early November, Ashleigh also attended the American College of Phlebology's 28th Annual Congress in Phoenix, Arizona, along with Dr. Raj Pyne and Dr. Donnette Dabydeen. The Congress focuses on all aspects of venous disease and includes lectures on anatomy, treatment, new technologies, cosmetic sclerotherapy, and hands on workshops. The seminar is a great opportunity for the The Vein Institute to stay ahead of the curve with new treatment technology, ensuring we always offer our patients the latest and most advanced options to get rid of varicose veins.