We are pleased to announce that The Vein Institute has reopened in accordance with the Department of Health, NY State, and Monroe County guidelines. We will be following strict protocols to ensure patient safety that meet or exceed all recommendations. Please call to schedule your appointment. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this challenging time.
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Regardless of whether you have specific diagnosis of venous disease and you are looking for an expert to treat you, or if you’re just starting the process of wondering whether venous disease may be negatively impacting your health, The Vein Institute is here to help. Our team of experienced medical professionals are among the best in the region at treating everything from varicose veins to pelvic congestion to DVT to May Thurner Syndrome, and more. Explore our unique approach and treatment options by visiting any of the sections below.

Varicose Veins

We utilize the most innovative outpatient vein treatment therapies, including thermal ablation (RFA), Venaseal (glue), ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, and microphlebectomy to safely treat chronic superficial venous insufficiency and varicose veins.

Spider Veins

Are you done putting off getting rid of those unsightly spider veins? Discover the benefits of being seen by experts in cosmetic sclerotherapy for the safe treatment of spider veins.

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

Pelvic congestion syndrome is severely misunderstood and underdiagnosed. Analogous to varicose veins in a women’s pelvis, it can lead to pelvic bloating, pain, and discomfort along with gassiness, discomfort while eating, and painful labial and upper thigh varicosities. Learn more about ovarian vein embolization from The Vein Institute.

Deep Venous Disease

With such a wide spectrum of symptoms, signs and health variables to consider, the specialists at The Vein Institute impart decades of expertise when treating deep vein thromvosis.

Rochester, NY’s Premier Provider of Vein Condition Treatments

Whether you’re dealing with leg symptoms, pelvic discomfort, or visible legs veins, we’re here to ensure that you receive a definitive diagnosis and modern, minimally invasive treatment options from a team of highly-skilled and friendly medical professionals. To learn more about any of the above issues, contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment. You can reach The Vein Institute by calling 585-467-8346, or by writing to us via our secure and 100% confidential contact form.

The Vein Institute - Rochester NY’s premiere practice treating venous disease. Call us at 585-467-8346 to schedule an appointment or schedule your free vein screening online. Learn more about how we can help you look and feel your best. Your legs will thank you.