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What are spider veins?

Spider veins, just like varicose veins, are abnormally dilated veins that can be seen on the surface of the skin. Often blue, purple or red in color, spider veins exhibit patterns that can look like lines, tree branches, or webs.

Almost always found on the legs or face, spider veins can be asymptomatic and simply a cosmetic issue, or they can be an indication of an underlying venous disease or varicose veins. Spider veins are treated by cosmetic sclerotherapy.

The Vein Institute approach.

Unlike some, The Vein Institute uses infrared light to expose feeder/source veins for better and longer lasting results. This VeinViewer technology also helps us inject the right vein the first time, preventing unnecessary pain and possible bruising.

We will treat both legs, and any area on the legs, with the largest amount of sclerotherapy that can be safely administered in one session. Not always the case at competitors claiming to be “less expensive.”

At The Vein Institute spider veins are always treated by a doctor or physician assistant with expertise in the procedure.

Learn More about Spider Veins

Spider veins, sometimes confused with larger varicose veins, are surface veins measuring 1 mm or smaller in diameter. Varicose veins are associated with symptoms such as swelling, pain, and cramping, while spider veins are commonly only of cosmetic concern. Although spider veins are not causing symptoms, many patients seek treatment to improve their appearance.

The Vein Institute is committed to providing both male and female patients with useful information regarding spider veins as well as their options for reliable and cutting-edge cosmetic treatments.

Physical Description of Spider Veins

A spider vein is identified as a visible blue, red, or purple vein in various patterns. These veins can be caused by genetics, injuries, trauma, hormones, or varicose veins.

To be a candidate for cosmetic sclerotherapy a person should be in overall good health, not pregnant or breastfeeding, and have no allergies to the medication being used. A provider will also screen for any other conditions that may inhibit spider vein treatment.

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

The sclerotherapy procedures are done in our comfortable outpatient office setting. A consultation with a doctor or physician assistant is done prior to treatment. They examine the spider veins, obtain a health history, and give the patient information on what to expect with cosmetic sclerotherapy treatment.

The provider utilizes many tools such as a magnifying light and a specialized flash light to address all spider veins regardless of size. A tiny needle, much smaller than that of a blood draw, is then used to inject an FDA-approved sclerosant medication into both the spider veins and any veins leading to them.

All veins that can safely be treated are injected at a single appointment. Depending on each patient’s expectations and severity of spider veins, multiple treatments can be necessary with a twelve week healing time between each session.

Because spider veins do not cause symptoms, they are considered a cosmetic procedure. The insurance companies do not cover the treatment and there is an out-of-pocket cost per session.

Fortunately with cosmetic sclerotherapy, the recovery and post procedural discomfort is minimal. You may experience itching, redness, and some mild bruising and soreness over the treated areas. However patients can return to their normal activities the same day and compression stockings are not necessary after treatment.

Getting Scheduled

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