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Symptom Checker

Chances are, if you’re exploring our site, you’re suffering from one or more of the symptoms you see below. Click the box next to each symptom you have and select the button at the bottom. We’ll advise on how we can help you feel better through treatment options here at The Vein Institute.

This quiz is intended for educational purposes only and is not a diagnostic tool. A diagnosis requires a full workup by a health care provider.


The aching in your legs is dull and throbbing, constant, and worsens as the day wears on. Your legs sometimes feel hot, itchy, or prickly. You massage your legs at night to make the aching go away. Unlike those with bulging varicose veins, many people have nothing on the surface that suggests veins could be causing the pain.

Heaviness / Fatigue

At the end of the day, it takes all you have to keep standing. If you sit through a movie, your legs feel like stone. You can’t wait to get home and prop your legs up. You think “My legs are tired because I’ve had a long day” or “I’m just getting older and can’t be as active”.

Cramping / Charley Horses

Cramps and charley horses annoy you during the day, but are even more frustrating when they wake you up at night. You have to stretch your legs or walk around to get relief.


When you get in bed at night, you just can’t seem to get comfortable. You’ve tried propping a pillow between your legs. Instead of resting, you spend the night moving your legs around. Or you’re constantly wiggling on that long flight or car ride. You can’t put your fingers on it, but your legs are just uncomfortable.


At the end of the day, your legs swell and you notice a loss of definition in your ankles. When you take your socks off, they leave a line in your skin. It seems to go away when you wake up in the morning.

Skin Discoloration

You’ve noticed that the skin on your lower legs or around your ankles is darker than the rest; it’s taken on a brown or reddish color. The skin feels harder in this area and it may be flaky or itchy.


Your skin has broken down in one or more areas, and you see an open wound. This is a sign of advanced disease, and should be addressed as soon as possible.


None of these describe how my legs feel.

Do I have symptoms of venous insufficiency?

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