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VenaSeal is the latest advancement in varicose vein treatment to be approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). VenaSeal closes problematic superficial veins using a medical grade adhesive, or glue.

Medical adhesives have been used elsewhere in the body for decades to close down abnormal arteries and vascular formations, and are now being used to permanently close varicose veins.

When compared to other closure methods such as heat or radiofrequency, VenaSeal has four prominent advantages:

Minimized needle sticks

  • As there is no heat involved, the tissue surrounding the treated vein does not have be numbed. This means patients can avoid the numerous needle pricks usually required for numbing, making VenaSeal a great option for those especially sensitive to needles.

No compression stockings

  • Other treatments require the use of compression stockings for 2 weeks after the procedure to ensure proper healing and vein closure. However, the adhesive used for VenaSeal polymerizes within minutes, meaning patients are not required to wear compression stockings after the procedure. This is especially beneficial to people with an active lifestyle or those undergoing their procedure during the warm summer months.

No post-procedure restrictions

  • After other vein procedures, patients have to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for 2 weeks. An amazing advantage of VenaSeal is that you can return to all activities immediately. There is virtually no downtime. Your varicose veins can be treated without interrupting your daily routine.

No trial of conservative therapy needed

  • As this procedure is currently self-pay, it can be done at any point after the consultation, without wait, if you are a candidate. This means you can avoid a trial of conservative therapy most insurance companies require before approving other procedure methods. Multiple veins can be treated on the same day, further expediting your treatment.

VenaSeal is the latest in cutting-edge vein treatment technology, allowing patients to reap the aforementioned benefits while knowing the procedure is as safe and effective as heat methods. Our board-certified Interventional Radiologists rely on their ultrasound expertise to deliver the most precise and thorough treatments possible.

We’ve performed multiple treatments of VenaSeal at The Vein Institute and are one of the first vein practices in the region to do so. Our results have been overwhelmingly positive and support multiple clinical trials, showing VenaSeal to be a safe and effective varicose vein treatment option.

Although VenaSeal is approved by the FDA, it is not currently paid for by insurance companies. VenaSeal is a self-pay procedure. For those with high deductible plans who will not meet their deductible, the true out-of-pocket cost may be similar to having traditional insurance-based treatment. The physicians at The Vein Institute can help assess if you are a good candidate for VenaSeal.

How will you feel without varicose veins?

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